SACB 7 Step System: Money Tree Model

[Also with 12 week group coaching]

Our system has helped numerous people to turn their failing SA business into a profitable money generation machine.

1 Sourcing the right property 

2 Setting Up 

3 Pricing Strategies 

4 System & Operation 

5 Branding & Marketing 

6 Staff & Team Building 

7 Scaling Up

This course is for SA operators who are experienced in running a SA business, or have more than 5 units in their SA portfolio.

Want to run your SA business more profitably, sustainably, and with less hassle? You need to learn this system now! 

This programme will provide our full, proven system for you to attract and retain corporate clients. By following this system, you will target business bookers, corporate clients and large family groups to create a money Tree business that will boost your business, cashflow, and return higher profit for your SA business. 

Your revenue can triple using this method, and you will increase occupancy, and profitability without having to acquire more properties. 

The corporate booking Money Tree System will reduce your operational cost, reduce your marketing cost, or sales commission from OTAs. The Money Tree system not only boosts your income, but it improves the overall efficiency of your business; enabling you to have the resources to build a team to run your business without having to get involved with the strenuous day to day operational tasks. Meaning you can spend time enjoying life, whilst your business runs itself.

You will learn how to evaluate a property using our proven set criteria. From getting the keys to setting it up correctly, including occupancy pricing strategies, availability management, effective communication systems, spider lead generation marketing and branding.

Your clients will love what you do, and they will come back again and again. 

We will share our best practices, examples and case studies, along with the costly lessons we learnt from mistakes we have made along the process, so you don’t make them.  

To find out more about how you can take advantage of the Corporate Booking MoneyTree system, please click the link below and book a free strategy session or consultation with our team. 

The Serviced Accommodation money tree model is a life changing model, making investors 10x the return in half the time.

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