Property Investing for Beginners

Are you new to property investing or looking to get into property investment but don’t know where to start? 

This programme is perfect for you if you are new to, or thinking about getting started in property investing.

When you are new to property investing, there is so much to learn. This programme is designed with an action plan and implementation in mind so that you can follow a direct step to step system to achieve results.

You will learn the most cost effective, no cost marketing methods for deal sourcing, so you will get a lot of viewings coming your way.  By following this system, you will learn to identify your goldmine investment area, and you will be able to identify the right type of properties for your investment goals.

More importantly, you will learn the fundamentals of deals. You’ll learn how to evaluate a deal, different ways to build relationships with agents and landlords. You will learn how to make an offer, the negotiation process and techniques.

You will also learn how to apply for a mortgage, and how to fix your credit rating if you have a bad credit file. You will learn how to estimate refurbishment cost before you make an offer, so you can buy properties below market value. You will also learn how to add value to a property so you can recycle your cash in order to continue buying properties without running out of money.

By joining the online course, you will learn the key fundamentals of property investing that will get you started on your property journey. You will be able to make better decisions in buying the right property that will generate passive income and capital appreciation, so you will take your first steps towards achieving financial freedom through acquiring investment properties.

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