How Do You Get More Direct Bookings?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is “What channels do you use?”. Many people believe that booking channels/systems are the only way to get direct corporate bookings, through the likes of, AirBnB etc.

But that’s not entirely true.

It’s no secret that advertising and marketing channels such as or AirBnB can give you great visibility of your units, but if your product is not what appeals to corporate clients, then they still won’t enquire about their long bookings, or perhaps they might book with you the first time, but then never come back…

The thing is, if all you care about is fixing marketing channel issues instead of making the serviced accommodation business work on a whole, then you certainly miss a trick! You may not be attracting the right corporate clients, which could mean that you could suffer from a lower occupancy rate for a significant amount of time resulting in your serviced accommodation business making a loss, when it should be making profit. 

We developed the famous Corporate Booking Strategy that we use ourselves to run our serviced accommodation business profitably and sustainably.

This system has completely turned our SA business around from almost failing, to a multi-million-pound profitable property portfolio. It’s safe to say this system has transformed our lives, and we want to help you transform yours. Many of our mentee’s SA business’ have seen their occupancy rates rocket from 20% to over 95% within 3 weeks after implementation…

We offer a free online workshop, to which we share our experiences, case studies along with relative examples so you can see how we use the system, and why our customers keep coming back again and again.

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