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Running your Serviced Accommodation successfully is much harder than you might think. To set up, grow and scale up your property business takes time and skill. Not only you need to acquire resources required, but also to learn, develop your understanding on how to improve, so you can grow your business together with your team.

Cost: early bird ticket £495 per person, (booked at least two weeks before the training) Cost £695 per person- normal ticket  Date: Thursday 12th May  2022, from 9:30am to 4:30pm Efficient operations help improve customer loyalty, retract, and obtain repeated bookings and therefore, occupancy rates and more profit for the business. However, a good system takes time […]

Attracting the right target customers need a well-designed brand with the right message through the right channels. Marketing strategies are key to the success of running a profitable property business. Effective marketing communications will attract the right customer to your business, identify and meet the needs of your target market, and improve overall customer satisfaction.

More than 85% of the service accommodation in the marketplace have got their accommodation set up incorrectly therefore, miss out opportunities in targeting the larger group bookings as well as limiting themselves to only being available for holiday let or family bookers.  This also means the holiday let market could be seasonal, which will usually […]

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