One Day Course: How To Raise Finance

If you want to build your property portfolio and be financially free but struggle with limited funding or unsure how to raise the capital that you need for a deal…

Then we have the solution for you:

Join Our one-day training course to get the skill and knowledge to raise the capital you need!

How to Raise Finance – One day course with personal coaching

To grow your property business, you need to bring in 3 key resources;

This in-depth one-day course will teach you how to develop those resources to raise the funds you will need to scale up your growth.

The ability to raise finance to scale up your property business is fundamental. Without the necessary cashflow, projects get cancelled, deals get delayed, and it can open up a whole world of problems.

Therefore: when, how and what costs to pay to raise finance is among one of the most important factors you should consider when you are planning your property investment journey. In this course, we will go through the money mindset, different types of finances, the pros, and cons of using different finance strategies. How to grow your property business faster by using the best leveraging techniques in order to grow your business.

1-Day live training only £950 and with a Membersip you will recive a 20% disscount!

“To implement the strategy more effectively it is recommended that you book your one2one strategy session immediately after the training! Ideally within the first 2 weeks and to book the one2one coaching within the first 90 days.”

During this course, you will learn the following:

The training will go through the best, proven practice, through recommended brokers who have experience in offering finance within property market. We will go through case studies on how portfolios are built through the different types of property finance, and we will show you how we raised money to support and maintain our growth!

By understanding different types of property finance methods and strategies, you should be able to evaluate your own situation and create a strategic plan to raise finance when needed.  It gives you confidence to build your property business without suffering from the lack of cashflow or capital.

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