1 Day MasterClass – Scaling up to the next level with team and portfolio building

Running your Serviced Accommodation successfully is much harder than you might think. To set up, grow and scale up your property business takes time and skill. Not only you need to acquire resources required, but also to learn, develop your understanding on how to improve, so you can grow your business together with your team. 

They are three different stages for your Serviced Accommodation business, to move up to the next level, First you need to acquire resources including, finance, people, and the right system. Second; plan and acquire these sources at the right time when the business needs it most. Finally, it is important for you to develop the skills and a deeper understanding on when to put the right effort and attention to progress the business to the next level at the right stage. 

Instead of inventing the wheel, in this masterclass we will share everything we have done to grow our business profitably. By joining us, you will understand the different stages of property business that you will develop, through setting up, growing, and scaling up. You will develop systems, gain leadership and team building skills which are important to professional property investors. You will also understand the key principle of how to scale up a high cashflow Serviced Accommodation business more effectively to achieve success.

By doing it correctly, you will be able to focus your time, effort and cashflow into running the business successfully, by leveraging your team efforts, so that your team will be able to run the business without you involved in day-to-day business.

Date: Thursday 7th July 2022, from 9:30am to 4:30pm

  • Cost: early bird ticket £695 per person, (booked at least two weeks before the training)
  • Cost £950 per person- normal ticket 

You will learn:

  • Different stages of a high cashflow property business 
    • How to scale up the property portfolio effectively 
    • Who the best team members to recruit are allowing you to grow your property business 
    • How to recruit manage staff performance 
    • The key structure for a property business 
    • Evaluating the value of each role within the team of the business
    • Building a business structure according to the size of the business 
    • Strategic planning for HR and required resources
    • To use team meetings for better communication 
    • Different staff communication channels to run the business smoothly 
    • Progression planning for staff wages increase and other issues
    • The importance of management in growth stage
    • Scaling up – what does it take to move to next level

We share our best practice of how built a team of over 20 employees in the past few years, to grow our property business from 18 to 30 in less than a couple of years. We will share tips, advice, templates, and scripts to help you running your property business successfully.  We will discuss the way to structure your property business more profitably through strategic planning and team building, as well as how you should build your property portfolio for high cashflow.  This masterclass will ensure a successful well-rounded understanding on how to best structure your business and build the right team to grow your property business.

Who is this for:

  • Property investors who want to scale up fast
  • Experienced landlords who want to maximise their profit 
  • Portfolio landlords who want to generate higher cashflow 
  • HMO landlords who want to convert their portfolio to make more money 
  • Property investors who want to scale up fast through SA
  • Someone who wants to run a property business and unsure how to get started 
  • R2R property investors who want to achieve financial freedom fast

How to join:

  • You can call us on 01246 900001
  • You can email us at info@smartinvestorsacademy.co.uk to ask for event booking form
  • You can visit our website: www.smartinvestorsacademy.co.uk
  • You can book it through Eventbrite or our website
  • You can join our VIP programme and get this workshop free of charge.  
  • You can book a strategy session to identify challenges to ask questions

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