The Property Sourcing Masterclass

The property market is changing rapidly. It is becoming more difficult to find the right properties and combat the intense competition in your preferred area.

This current challenge reinforces the requirement for you to have the focussed skills to be able to identify a good deal straight away and make an immediate decision when an offer is presented.

There are 4 critical skills that you need to learn and master when it comes to sourcing the right properties.

These are:

  • Identifying the right geographical area
  • Understand the complex set of parameters that determine if the property is in the right location
  • Understand the complex set of parameters that determine the right type of properties for your high cashflow strategies
  • Evaluating the deals to ensure you buy at the right prices ensuring the best ROI for your business

This masterclass offers you everything you need to know to find the perfect investment properties. Our system is proven to fast-track your property investing journey. You will learn the key fundamental skills required to become a professional investor and achieve financial freedom.

No matter the number of properties in your portfolio, you will find this system crucial to take your future investments to the next level.

What you will learn: 

  • How to source the right properties
  • Understand and identify what is a good investment property
  • Understand and identify a good investment area (The ultimate goldmine)
  • Clearly understand and quickly identify what property will give you the best return on investment
  • Enable you to take away learning from case studies, examples from agents and vendors
  • Evaluate the correct deals and floor plans to determine maximum occupancy
  • How to book viewings
  • Set your own buying criteria for single let, for HMOs, and serviced accommodation

We will address the theory in the morning session followed by how to put it into practice in the afternoon! Lunch is included.

This will enable you to accelerate your investment journey to allow you to truly do the things you could only dream about! It is not just about getting money but about creating an approach to change your life forever and becoming the business owner you always dreamt you could be!

This training system will completely transform your property investment journey, by having an expert coach, knowledge, and skills enabling you to go from buying say one house every 5 years to buying 10 houses in 10 months. Thus giving you the the potential to build a multi-million-pound property portfolio with little to no capital investment of your own. 

Who is this for 

  • Property investors who want to scale up fast
  • Experienced landlord who wants to maximise their profit 
  • Portfolio landlord who wants to generate higher cashflow 
  • HMOs landlord who wants to convert their portfolio to make more money 
  • Property investor who wants to scale up fast through SA
  • Someone wants to run a property business and unsure how to get started 
  • R2R property investors want to achieve financial freedom fast

How to join:

  • You can call us on 01246 900001
  • You can email us at to ask for event booking form
  • You can visit our website:
  • You can book it through Eventbrite or our website
  • You can join our VIP programme and get this workshop free of charge.  
  • You can book a strategy session to identify challenges to ask questions 

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