How to Set Up a High Cashflow Property Business For Success Masterclass

Many property investors consider running a property business as an investment activity. This is only if they are buying properties and let other management company to run it for them. If you chose to run your own property business, then it will be completely different matter. 

Its important for an investor to get the best return from money they have invested, usually property brings in capital appreciation over time so makes it as attractive investment type. However running a successful property business means stable cashflow, and if you choose to run a high cashflow property business the return could be huge and you can achieve financial freedom and lifestyle you desire from property investing. To achieve these goals, you need to acquire the skills necessary to dress the gaps. 

This 12 months VIP mentorship programme consist of 10 live coaching workshop and 12 monthly x 2 hours online live mentoring sessions, plus a live tour and a Christmas party and award ceremony. You will join with a group of like-minded property investors who are keen to grow their business, ambitious and strive to develop their skills to maximise their potential through property investing. Each month you will be coached various property business system and action plans for you to build your own momentum so you can learn the necessary skills to set up your property business, generate high cashflow and move to the next level. 

This is the first workshop focus on the skills and knowledge you need, to prepare yourself for a fast-growing business therefore a strong foundation on business structure, tax, payroll, compliance are necessary, so you don’t have to make the mistakes later on. You will learn to build a scalable business structure so tax efficient as well as maximise profitability.  

Date and time of training: Thursday from 10am to 4:30pm 

What will you learn: 

  1. Challenges facing property investors 
  2. Skills that achieve success
  3. Company formation
  4. Tax and costing structure 
  5. Payroll for property investors
  6. Raising finance to grow your business 
  7. Effective business structure your SA business 
  8. The MoneyTree model – how to de-risk your business 
  9. How to deal with seasonable challenges 
  10. Resources and planning 
  11. Credit score and how to repair bad credit
  12. Different types of high cashflow property system – which one to choose 
  13. Differences between R2R and purchase 
  14. Different stages of your SA business – how to scale up 

Who is this for 

How to join:

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