1 Day MasterClass – Serviced Accommodation Branding and Marketing Strategies

Attracting the right target customers need a well-designed brand with the right message through the right channels. Marketing strategies are key to the success of running a profitable property business.  Effective marketing communications will attract the right customer to your business, identify and meet the needs of your target market, and improve overall customer satisfaction. 

To run the marketing and branding of your accommodation business successfully, you need to have a deeper understanding of the principles of on how to engage with the customer from each different level within your business. With the right message through the correct chosen channels achieving this becomes easy. Many people miss understand how even with the right channel and effective message is what drives the revenue. 

After 25 years working in the marketing field, and running the SA business successfully in the past few years, we have developed a unique marketing system that enable you to achieve success by attracting the right customers. In this masterclass we will share with you our unique Spiderweb lead generation marketing model which will focus on designing your brand image therefore, communicating the right message and how to deliver value to your target audience. 

In this masterclass we will share examples and scripts to develop your marketing skills to ensure you achieve success for your property business. 

Date: Thursday 9th June  2022, from 9:30am to 4:30pm

What you will learn: 

By mastering different marketing techniques, you will be able to utilise different effective tools to generate more leads, converting sales, increasing revenue and profitability. We will share our tips, advice, along with scripts on how you can convert direct bookings, close long-term booking on the phone and by emails. You will be able to combine various marketing channels to generate more leads, identify the higher value customers, understand their needs, look after them, so you can get repeat bookings and increase higher occupancy, generate more profit.   

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