1 Day MasterClass – Serviced Accommodation Operations & System

  • Cost: early bird ticket £495 per person, (booked at least two weeks before the training)
  • Cost £695 per person- normal ticket 

Date: Thursday 12th May  2022, from 9:30am to 4:30pm

Efficient operations help improve customer loyalty, retract, and obtain repeated bookings and therefore, occupancy rates and more profit for the business. However, a good system takes time to develop, by address challenges and issues facing the business, and continuously improve the system so that your business can run smoothly, and more cost effectively and therefore to increase profitability. 

To avoid the trial-and-error approach, avoid making the costly mistakes yourself, we are sharing with you the proven business system to support the grow of our Serviced accommodation business over the last few years. We have overcome many obstacles, challenges and develop the relevant system to improve business productivity, hence, improve customer satisfaction.  

In this masterclass you will learn our business system and operations that will help you straightaway achieving results. So you can avoid making the costly mistakes. 

What you will learn: 

  • Why you need to set up your operational systems 
  • Your booking policy and cancellation policy 
  • Setting up payment system to enable more control 
  • Use invoicing and payment system to increase sales 
  • Apply refund and complaint policy to manage customer expectations 
  • Create a smooth process for easy guest checking in and checking out
  • Conduct a regular inspection and health & safety standard 
  • How to manage emergency call outs for handyman 
  • Cleaning and laundry arrangements 
  • Regular supplies and inventory 
  • Regular repair and maintenance routine and schedule 
  • Early check in and late check outs policy 
  • How to deal with guest misconduct, penalty and fines 
  • Internal and external inspection and standards 
  • Welcome book and communication for mid -stay operations 

By understanding these key points in your operation system, it reduces operations cost, minimise customer complaints and improve customer satisfaction. This will also therefore decrease the operational costs and increase better staff engagement. 

Different types of guests behaviour differently, you need to treat them with customised approach to ensure their needs are met.  By developing a system to avoid conflicts and offer easy and convenience for guests to check in, stay and ensure that your property are maintained at the right standard is crucial for providing guest satisfaction, therefore attracting repeat long term bookings.  

There are many challenges in running your serviced accommodation smoothly. Dissatisfied customers because of a poorly run business can be costly and will affect the employees who are involved, as well as damaging business reputation.  By implementing the proven operation system, you can achieve success with attracting the corporate clients and contractors, run it smoothly at a cost-effective price and satisfy customer needs with the well-designed operation to support it.

Who is this for 

  • Property investors who want to scale up fast
  • Experienced landlords who want to maximise their profit 
  • Portfolio landlords who want to generate higher cashflow 
  • HMO landlords who want to convert their portfolio to make more money 
  • Property investors who want to scale up fast through SA
  • Someone who wants to run a property business and unsure how to get started 
  • R2R property investors who want to achieve financial freedom fast

How to join:

  • You can call us on 01246 900001
  • You can email us at info@smartinvestorsacademy.co.uk to ask for event booking form
  • You can visit our website: www.smartinvestorsacademy.co.uk
  • You can book it through Eventbrite or our website
  • You can join our VIP programme and get this workshop free of charge.  
  • You can book a strategy session to identify challenges to ask questions

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