1 Day MasterClass: Serviced accommodation Setting Up & Pricing strategies

More than 85% of the service accommodation in the marketplace have got their accommodation set up incorrectly therefore, miss out opportunities in targeting the larger group bookings as well as limiting themselves to only being available for holiday let or family bookers. 

This also means the holiday let market could be seasonal, which will usually receive higher occupancy level in the summer holiday period and less booking over the quieter winter seasons. The challenges of running the SA business, is managing the booking level so that you are constantly getting good enough bookings for your business all the year around. Making sure that your SA business is set up and running efficiently, so it can be sustainable to reach high cash flow all year around. 

Instead of targeting the family and holiday market, a better marketing strategy to is to focus on corporate clients. By setting up your SA properties not only to accommodation the family and holiday bookers, but also to meet the needs of corporate clients and contractors, will generate much higher income, to increase occupancy levels. With corporate clients and contractors booking, they stay longer, and usually book directly, and do not need frequently change over. Which will reduce marketing costs with less operational and laundry costs therefore increasing profits. 

These corporate bookings, with global clients and business contractors’ market, often have their own criteria that are different from the holiday let and family short stay market, as to what they are looking for in the property as their accommodation. To generate bookings from these group of customers, you need to know what to do and how to set up accommodations accordingly to meet their needs and requirements. 

This one-day masterclass will provide the system we implement on setting up our own serviced accommodation properties with the target corporate clients. By taking into consideration contractors booking and share with you our advice that can enable you to generate direct corporate bookings and increase your occupancy level.  

Date: Thursday 14th April 2022, from 9:30am to 4:30pm

  • Cost: early bird ticket £695 per person, (booked at least two weeks before the training)
  • Cost £950 per person- normal ticket 

What you will learn:

  • Who are the key targeted corporate clients? 
  • What are they looking for when they book accommodations? 
  • How to set up the property to maximise space and profitability 
  • How to use a floor plan to effectively design internal layouts 
  • How to dress your property for business contractors and corporate clients
  • Furnitures, shopping list and checklist for setting up 
  • Where to get furniture, supplies and why these are important
  • How to list your property on booking, Airbnb and the key online channels  
  • How to present your brand when listing your accommodation  
  • What prices to put up when you list your accommodation 
  • How to use pricing to convert direct bookings
  • How to effectively use pricing to manage availability 
  • What needs to be achieved before going live 
  • How to create MoneyTree Serviced Accommodations 

Offering the right product to meet your target customers requirement is the first step for achieving success. In terms of running a profitable serviced accommodation business, you need to have your accommodation set up correctly. By having the right layout and the correct beds in your property, you can expend your target customers to a wider audience, not only to target holiday and family let, but also be able to offer accommodation to contractors and corporate clients, therefore increase occupancy and generate higher income.

This masterclass will provide the ultimate guide for you to understand what these criteria are and for fill them. You will learn the principle of setting up, with examples, and case studies, and implement what you learn immediately to create the profitable serviced accommodation portfolio to grow your business 

Who is this for 

  • Property investors who want to scale up fast
  • Experienced landlords who want to maximise their profit 
  • Portfolio landlords who want to generate higher cashflow 
  • HMO landlords who want to convert their portfolio to make more money 
  • Property investors who want to scale up fast through SA
  • Someone who wants to run a property business and unsure how to get started 
  • R2R property investors who want to achieve financial freedom fast

How to join:

  • You can call us on 01246 900001
  • You can email us at info@smartinvestorsacademy.co.uk to ask for event booking form
  • You can visit our website: www.smartinvestorsacademy.co.uk
  • You can book it through Eventbrite or our website
  • You can join our VIP programme and get this workshop free of charge.  
  • You can book a strategy session to identify challenges to ask questions

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