Executive Mastermind: Group Coaching

Are you looking to achieve a successful property business, with other like-minded property investors? Look no further! Our Executive Mastermind Programme is crafted to unleash your property potential.

The power of our group Mastermind Programme gives you and your business unlimited potential. The beauty of this course is that it gives you the ability to learn and communicate with each other so that you can add value to the group learning. Coupled with an Expert Mentor who will share the best-proven practice in property investing, serviced accommodation, corporate booking, Rent2SA, HMOs, and even commercial conversions!

Many of the Executive Mastermind group members build professional friendships and establish their own network. You will also gain exclusive access to our private networking and investment groups, among other generous benefits of this programme.

With the challenges facing Covid-19, we need each other more than ever! Take advantage of your opportunity to join this Executive Mastermind group Today! You will also be invited to attend the “Deal Clinic” or Service Accommodation course as part of this programme. 

For more information, email info@smartinvestorsacademy.co.uk and we can provide you with further details, or call one of our dedicated sales managers at: 01246900001. You can also click on the link to book your tickets. We look forward to hearing from you!

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