Fast Track VIP Mentorship Programme

Join our Fast-Track VIP Mentorship Programme and take advantage of what’s on offer! This is a 12-month, all-inclusive package that’s guaranteed to enable you achieve your goals and transform your life!

Once you join the programme, you will get access to a vast source of information, resources, and a connected network. Along with professional advice, proven business systems, and hands-on support. You also gain many extra opportunities and unique benefits that will help support you on your property investment journey. Here is a taste of what you can expect once being on the Mentorship programme:

10 x Live Workshops  Train you to have the mindset to become a professional investor
Monthly call from our team to check your progress  Help you to set strategic goals for the whole business
A detailed personal and professional review of your property business with tips and adviceMonthly Action plan to achieve your business goals
A full proven system with checklists, templates, case studies, and success stories for
the following courses:
– 7 Steps Serviced Accommodation Corporate Booking System
– 7 Step Property Investing System
– 5 Step Rent 2SA Acquisition System 
Bespoke solutions to your circumstances and help overcome obstacles
Learn the unique Smart Property Academy “Money Tree” Model for the SA businessBuild your team to take your property business to the next level
Powerful Smart Property Academy “Spiderweb” lead generation system  Tools and systems to help identify and leverage your resources
A Smart Property Academy Unique Programme “How to buy 10 houses in 10 Months” property investing system  Maximising your potential
Proven property investment blueprints  Assessments to monitor and improve your skills throughout the programme
Opportunities to network with Like-minded investors, including:
– Summer Party / Retreat With guest speakers
– Christmas Party / with other Smart Property Academy members  
A community of people who foster friendships that with shared experience help Motivate and Inspire those around them
Early access to deals and business opportunities  Experts that can help share real-life success stories, best practice of the industry, and mistakes you can avoid
An Exclusive Members Facebook forum  Creating momentum for the property investing journey
A simple property investing system to follow that gives you a head start in your journey   
A workbook of course notes from all the workshops   
Regular e-Newsletter updates of topical articles, offers, and insights into the property industry   
Access to our Power team in order to achieve the best results   

Do you think this Mentorship Programme is the one for you?

Change your life within a year and have a successful Property investment portfolio that will help you achieve financial freedom! Places on this course are extremely limited, so this course has a very strict screening process.

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