Inner Circle One2One Mentorship Programme

If you’re looking to get individual, professional, support to help develop your property investing capabilities, then this is the programme for you!

This 12-month programme offers you the power to transform your property business and take you to the next level. Personal support and guidance are the main focus, giving you a tailored experience that is sure to advance your business and maximise your return through investment! The right knowledge and skill development will be the main focus, coupled with top tier advice from our Property Expert, Vanessa Zheng.

The Key benefits of the Mentorship programme:

  • Individual, One2One coaching of 8 x 2-hour coaching sessions, customised to your business
  • 4 x quarterly group mastermind One2One sessions to network with other investors
  • Unlimited support over the phone, email or via messaging apps
  • A full one-day tour of your portfolio
  • 30% off any of our other training courses
  • Membership of our private Facebook groups and forums, with exclusive deals and tips
  • Become a Smart Investors Club member for free

The Training Skills You Will Master:

  • Fully proven 7 Step Serviced Accommodation a Corporate booking system
  • Unique 7 step Property Portfolio building system
  • “How to buy 10 houses in 10 months property investing system
  • 5 Step Rent2SA System
  • 5 Step Guest Communication Template
  • How to get the most out of Joint Venture Agreements
  • Top Negotiation skills
  • Property deal evaluation with checklists and
  • Much More…

You Will Learn How To:   

  • Develop an investors Mindset – to work as investor, you must think like an investor  
  • Set strategic goals and action plans – you will learn how to set short and long-term goals, as well as monthly action plans
  • Source properties and carry out deal analysis – You will learn how to find properties, evaluate property deals and make the right decisions
  • Negotiate – you will learn the steps to negotiate with sellers or agents 
  • Close deals – step by step system to enable you to close dealswith support from your mentor  
  • Build a team– You will get access to our system to help you build your own power team    
  • Manage projects– You will learn how to manage a refurb project, how to acquire quotes, manage the speed and schedule of the projects quoted 
  • Raise finance – How to develop the funds needed and leverage resources effectively  
  • Manage Tenants or Guests – How to recruit tenants or attract the right guests  

You will Develop and Receive:

  • Accountability – we will help you to address challenges and issues you face, review your action plan and provide advice and suggestions on how to move forward  
  • Support & Guidance -You will receive guidance, assistance and access to our property strategy, implement our system to scale your business    
  • Skills assessment -We will take you through your skills assessment and monitor the specific skill sets that you will develop 

This Inner Circle One2One mentorship program is going to change your property investing journey! It will Fastrack your success and give you a secure foundation allowing you to grow exponentially.

How To Join:  

  1. This programme is by APPLICATION only  
  2. Ask for an application form and complete the form, email back with signature.  
  3. Contact us by email  
  4. Or call 01246 900001 to request further information and schedule  
  5. Fill in event booking form and pay your fees by credit cards or bank transfer  
  1. Book your 1-hour strategy session with Vanessa Zheng before programme starts
  2. Contact our team to enquire about the installment plan  

If this Mentorship Program is for you, then sign up NOW!

Change your life in a year and have a successful Property investment portfolio that will help you achieve financial freedom!

Some of our mentees have increased their profitability by up to 400% by joining our mentorship programme!

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