Property Negotiation Masterclass

Cost: £695 Early Bird (Booked two weeks before training)

Effective negotiation capability can contribute significantly to business success. Excellent negotiation skills in the property business will enable you to build mutual relationships with landlords, estate agents and help you build and enhance customer satisfaction with potential tenants and customers.

In order to enable you to exploit your negotiation skills in property investing to their full extent, we would like to help you to understand the key concerns and issues facing your landlord, sellers or tenants. We will help you to identify the motivation for them to work with you, what value you can add in their life through effective engagement and negotiation. We will help you to understand their perspective and requirements hence enabling you to create a win-win situation and achieve success in closing effective deals.

In effectively mastering negotiation skills, you will be able to create quality solutions, satisfy the needs of both parties, create win-win solutions and achieve professional and successful business relationships reducing potential conflicts or issues in the future.  

In this one-day live workshop we offer you the opportunity to enhance your negotiation skills based upon our tried and tested experiences in the market, practice proven scripts enabling you to ask the effective questions to determine critical sales lead information for your potential customers. This is a full day workshop that provides theory and practical application. You can expect to develop communication skills which will support any negotiation skills required to support the successful development of your business. 

What you will learn:

  • Key questions for fact finding in property negotiation process 
  • 3 stages of property negotiation process – the below market value model
  • Different types of property market and how to deal with it 
  • Asking the effective questions to identify motivated sellers 
  • How to negotiate below market value property deals – case studies and examples 
  • Different types of motivated sellers, how they would respond your offer
  • What are the needs for motivated sellers and how to create win-win solution
  • How to win over your sellers through intensive competitive bidding process
  • Different ways to bid a property, what are their advantages and disadvantages 
  • How can you close a deal when you face intensive competition?
  • Understand the trends and opportunities for future property market 
  • How to identify property development potential in a property to add value 
  • How to make an offer and negotiate to get the best price possible. 
  • Comprehend what the buyer market is and how to dominate!
  • How to manage property purchase process so you can complete purchase 
  • How to use delay on completion strategy to your advantage
  • Different scenarios for a deal to fall through and how to overcome 
  • How to buy properties without being able to get mortgage?

Negotiation is not just about a win or a loss it can also be about forming a relationship with the seller or buyer, which could prosper further business opportunities. Learn from our property experts and come away from the masterclass feeling ready to grow your own business! 

An all-inclusive lunch will set you up for a strong afternoon session to continue developing your skills! 

In this masterclass, we will go through different types of motivated sellers, examples on how we can create a win-win negotiation situation and how we were able to close a property deal within 30 minutes to one hour from viewing the property.

We will provide case studies of various property deals where we have created a win-win solution, how we negotiate with landlords, sellers and estate agents, how we build relationships with them rapidly and win trust, hence allowing us to successfully negotiate property deals that are below market value.

Our system is proven to fast-track your property investing journey. You will put into practice the key fundamental skills needed to become a professional investor and achieve financial freedom.

We aim to completely transform your property investment journey, by having the right coach, knowledge and skills enabling you to go from buying, say one house every 5 years to buying 10 houses in 10 months. This can enable you to create the potential to build a multi-million-pound property portfolio, using little or none of your own money!

Who is this for 

  • Property investors who want to scale up fast
  • Experienced landlords who want to maximise their profit 
  • Portfolio landlords who want to generate higher cashflow 
  • HMO landlords who want to convert their portfolio to make more money 
  • Property investors who want to scale up fast through SA
  • Someone who wants to run a property business and unsure how to get started 
  • R2R property investors who want to achieve financial freedom fast

How to join:

  • You can call us on 01246 900001
  • You can email us at to ask for event booking form
  • You can visit our website:
  • You can book it through Eventbrite or our website
  • You can join our VIP programme and get this workshop free of charge.  
  • You can book a strategy session to identify challenges to ask questions

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