Serviced Accommodation Corporate Booking Strategy Two Day Masterclass

This two-day course is for anyone who wants to run a high cash flow property business or Serviced Accommodation operators who want to grow their business. By attending this course, you will learn how to run a successful business that generates high profitability, occupancy rates, operational efficiency and strong relationships with your customers.

This course will teach you our proven 7 Step system which you can use to attract and retain corporate clients, professionals, business owners, contractors, large family groups or visitors.

You will also learn about the Smart Property Investors Academy ‘Money Tree Model’, which will enable you to generate up to four times the amount of average monthly income that you would receive from the same property.

This course will include the full system with 7 steps:

1. Sourcing the Right Property

2. Setting Up Correctly

3. Pricing Strategies

4. System & Operation

5. Branding & Marketing

6. Staff & Team Building

7. Scaling Up

We will focus on making sure that you build your skills and competence in the most critical areas such as:

Your revenue can triple using this method, increasing occupancy and profitability without having to acquire more properties. In addition, you will also save money by reducing marketing costs, reduce sales commissions, minimise operational expenses and retain longer and loyal relationships with new and existing clients. You will also receive more direct bookings without using any online booking platforms like Airbnb and

Our Money Tree system not only boosts your income, but it improves the overall efficiency of your business; enabling you to have the resources to build a team to run your business without having to get involved with the strenuous day to day operational tasks. Meaning you can spend time enjoying life, whilst your business runs itself.

You will learn how to evaluate a property using our set criteria. From set up to occupancy pricing strategies, availability management, effective communication systems and lead generation marketing and branding. Your clients will love what you do, buy into your brand, and keep coming back.

By following our 7 step system you will turn your property business into automated money-generating machine that will grow sustainably with minimal effort.

To find out more about how you can take advantage of the Corporate Booking MoneyTree system, please feel free to contact us or book a free strategy session with our team. 

Our system has helped numerous people to turn their failing SA business into a profitable money generation machine!

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