One Day Course: Serviced Accommodation Business Success Beginners Course

If you are new to Serviced Accommodation or looking to get started, then this programme is a great place to start! There is a lot to learn in the Serviced Accommodation business, but once you integrate the correct knowledge with the correct practices, serviced accommodation can be a powerful money making machine.

This course will guide you through your first steps into the Serviced Accommodation world. We will show you exactly how to make more money from property, that you don’t even have to own! By using our unique Serviced Accommodation Strategy, our students have tripled their monthly cash-flow in just a short period of time! See our Success Stories to learn more about our other students’ success!

You couldn’t be in more capable hands as our trainer Vanessa Zheng runs her own successful Serviced Accommodation business, with over 35 properties in her respective portfolio and 12 years hands on property experience.

Jackie talks about her experiences of the Serviced Accommodation Business Success course.

1-Day live training for £895 and recive a 20% disscount becoming a Member

From this course, you will learn all of the staple foundations, and everything you need to know to set-up, and make your serviced accommodation business become a success.

The training will guide you through the benefits of running a serviced accommodation business, how to source the right properties for Serviced Accommodation, and where from. You’ll learn about all the different types of Serviced Accommodation Business Models, and how to set up your first SA units/property correctly. You’ll be guided through the setting up of your OTAs ( and Airbnb), and how to set up effective payment systems. You will learn about effective checkin in/out systems and set up rules for your properties. You will also learn how to recruit your first team members, how to manage laundry/operations effectively, how to get your first booking, and how to get more direct bookings. The list doesn’t just stop there, there is MUCH, MUCH more to learn!

You will also gain exclusive free access to our exclusive private community groups, so that you can network with other like minded investors and business starters!

Our detailed & comprehensive courses have helped hundreds of people get started in, and make a healthy living from Serviced Accommodation!

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