The Property Portfolio Tour

Seeing is believing! We are proud to announce the launch of our Serviced Accommodation Portfolio and Property Tour.

We will take you on a tour of different properties in various area, to see different types of properties, their layouts, and how they are set up to optimise the spaces to achieve maximum profit for a successful serviced accommodation business.

In this portfolio tour we will select different types of properties and show you how these coincide with the “MoneyTree” property business model.

Expect to get inspired, ask as many questions as you like, and see how we sourced the correct properties and more importantly – how they work, so yours can too!

You will get to see 4-5 properties in Chesterfield/Surrounding areas, 4-5 properties in the Sheffield areas, depending on availability on the tour date, plus the pub conversion where a 20-unit apartment complex is currently going through a planning application.

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Before the tour, we will give you a detailed brief about what aspects you should pay attention to whilst running your SA business and how we set up our business system to manage it effectively. You will get chance to ask any questions about the properties, how we bought the house and any figures relevant to the properties.

You will also receive a personal story connected to the property giving you a further understanding of the way it was purchased and how it has developed. We will also give tips and tricks on how we negotiated and achieved this.

This is a unique opportunity for any property investor whether you’re new to SA or an experienced investor converting their properties into an SA business or simply someone who wants to know more about how to run Serviced Accommodation and the corporate booking model.

The tour will take place on Friday the 10th June 2022. Once the course is booked, we will be calling you to arrange a specific scheduled tour date and time. The tour will be starting from 10 am, with coffee before setting off. This unique tour will take the majority of the day. The number of properties/units could be subject to change depending on the booking and availability on the day of the tour.

If you need any help or have any questions, please call our support helpline on 01246 900001 to leave your message, or you can email .

We look forward to speaking to you at our workshop!

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