How to buy 10 Houses in 10 months!

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, this is a FREE online workshop! You will need to register with Zoom before you can join our training. Please order your tickets with Eventbrite and you will receive an invitation with the meeting ID & password to join nearer the time. 

In this 45-minute online workshop, we will show you the systems we developed and used in order to buy 10 houses in 10 months. The first 30-minutes is a training session, and the last 15 minutes there is Q&A sessions with Vanessa Zheng, where you can ask any questions that you have.

In this 45-minute training, You will learn about the impact of economic cycle and how this will change the property cycle in the near future, so you can get yourself prepared and ready for creating more assets and wealth. You will understand the reasons why you should invest properties now, and the benefits of property ownership, why you should take advantages of the market opportunity and buy as many properties as you can NOW.

You will learn the 7-step system that we implement to purchase 18 properties within less than 2 years and bought 10 properties in less than 10 months. We will go through each step you need to learn to achieve the results with examples and case studies, showing you how to set a plan for buying more properties, how to evaluate deals, source properties, how to negotiate and make an offer, how to raise finance and how to build a power team to run your business for you so you can scale up your property portfolio fast. You will learn about the four most important skills that you need to achieve success in building your property portfolio, and how these will help you achieve success in property investing. 

There are two types of tickets: 

1. General Admission tickets are free! 

2. VIP tickets include: Extra bonus sessions: 1) 30 minutes training about the sourcing criteria, how to build the unique MoneyTree System with case studies, 2) 30 minutes One2One strategy consultation session with Vanessa Zheng – how to move your SA business forward (within 2 weeks after the workshop). 

If you have any questions, please give us a call on: 01246 900001 or email: 

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