Serviced Accommodation: Corporate Booking Strategy

Due to Coronavirus, this is a FREE online workshop!

During this workshop, we’ll be teaching you the 7-step system which we developed whilst buying our property’s, which will ultimately be your gateway to building a profitable Money Tree property business.

Your Zoom Meeting details will be sent via email, with instructions to join our workshop closer to the time! 

• Are you new to serviced accommodation business and struggle to get bookings? 

• Is your Serviced Accommodation business dependant on OTAs to get bookings? 

• Is your business tourist market focused; meaning your bookings are seasonal? 

• Do you want to attract more direct bookings from corporate clients but unsure how?

If your answer is yes to any of the above, then we have a great news for you! We are hosting a 45 minute online workshop which includes: 30 minutes of training, and 15 minutes of Q&A. This session aims to help you attract and retain corporate clients for your Serviced Accommodation business. 

You will learn how to source the right properties, set them up correctly, price up, and market your property as well as how to scale up your business. This system has not only completely turned around our SA business, but also transformed many of our students’ business’ from failing to profitable, high cash flow businesses. In this workshop, you will see examples of some of our bookings, how we attract them and negotiate with the corporate clients.

You will learn about our 7-step system that we have developed and implemented ourselves in order to build a multi-million-pound property portfolio. This system focuses on building relationships with your target customers, attracting important direct Corporate bookings, which result in long term bookings from corporate clients, and not having to depend on OTAs. This enables us to reduce cost and achieve higher profit margins! Using this strategy, our business runs profitably all year round! By adopting this strategy, you too, can spend less time working in your business, and are able to run the business through your team to achieve greater profit and higher cash flow. 

There are two types of tickets: 

1. General Admission tickets are free! 

2. VIP tickets include: Extra bonus sessions: 1) 30 minutes training about the sourcing criteria, how to build the unique MoneyTree System with case studies, 2) 30 minutes One2One strategy consultation session with Vanessa Zheng – how to move your SA business forward (within 2 weeks after the workshop). 

If you have any questions, please give us a call on: 01246 900001 or email: 

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