Our mentorship program

Ready to take your property investment skills to the next level? Our mentorship program at Smart Property Investors Academy is designed to provide you with exclusive insights, expert guidance, and a community of like-minded investors.

How to Raise Finance- 30 Days Training With One2One Coaching

Unlock Financial Opportunities: Enrol in our 'How to Raise Finance' Training to learn the strategies and tactics that can help you secure the funding you need for your property investments. Included One2One coaching session within the 30 days programme

Rent2RentSA - 3 Months Programme

You might think that property investment is only reserved for those with the cash to purchase property, but you couldn't be more wrong! We will teach you how to acquire property using a Rent2Rent strategy. By implementing our Rent2Rent strategy of acquiring property, you will need less deposit and less money upfront, making property investment accessible to anyone!

You will be able to scale up your portfolio faster, test your market and local area to reduce risk before buying your own house and make more profit without owning the property. There is a method to sourcing the right Rent2Rent properties specifically for Serviced Accommodation corporate booking to ensure you maximise the profitability of your business by achieving maximum occupancy.

The way to do this is through knowing the market, knowing how to pitch the landlord or agent, what paperwork you need to move forward with negotiations, how to evaluate deals and how to make your offer. We will offer you personal coaching and tailored support to ensure you close the right deals!

The Direct Booking Model - 6 Months Programme

This 6 months programme is for anyone who wants to run a high cash flow property business or Serviced Accommodation operators who want to grow their business. By attending this course, you will learn how to run a successful business that generates high profitability, occupancy rates, operational efficiency and strong relationships with your customers.

This is a 6 months online training programme with training materials for 5 modules, plus live sessions via zoom twice a month, you will gain access to live support, group coaching, and discounted rates to attend other workshops, tour of portfolio and networking events at member discounted rates.

Your revenue can triple using this method, increasing occupancy and profitability without having to acquire more properties. In addition, you will also save money by reducing marketing costs, optimising sales commissions, minimising operational expenses and developing longer and loyal relationships with new and existing clients. You will also receive more direct bookings without using any online booking platforms such as Airbnb and Booking.com.

FastTrack VIP - 12 Months Mentorship Programme

To be successful in property investment, there are many skills required. This programme is for both property investing beginners and experienced portfolio landlords to address their skill gaps and grow their knowledge and confidence.

There are several challenges facing a property investor, such as sourcing the right property and evaluating deals which will give you the confidence to invest and run your property business to generate sustainable cash flow.

Property investment is not just about acquiring a number of properties but it is also about maximising profit from each property, so the portfolio is run more cost effectively and is achieving maximum profit for your property business.

This programme focuses on helping you to build a profitable and sustainable property business. It will help to redefine and help focus on the right goals, creating momentum that will significantly improve your property business. You will understand the key elements needed to build a successful and profitable property business, core skills required to build a team to run your business for you, the proven system for acquiring and running the high cash flow business from sourcing deals to operations and marketing, raising finance and managing tenants and corporate bookings, we will support you all the way.


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