Scaling Up with Team & PortfoLio Building masterclass

What You Need to Know

We share our best practices on how to build a team of over 20 employees in the past few years, growing our property business from 18 to 30 in less than a couple of years. We will provide tips, advice, templates, and scripts to help you run your property business successfully.

During this masterclass, we will discuss how to structure your property business more profitably through strategic planning and team building. We'll also cover how to build your property portfolio for high cash flow. This session ensures a successful, well-rounded understanding of how to best structure your business and build the right team to grow your property business.

What's Included

Running your Serviced Accommodation successfully is much harder than you might think.

Setting up, growing, and scaling up your property business takes time and skill. Not only do you need to acquire the required resources, but you also need to learn and develop your understanding of how to improve, allowing you to grow your business together with your team.

There are three different stages for your Serviced Accommodation business to move up to the next level. First, you need to acquire resources, including finance, people, and the right system.

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