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Smart Property Investors Academy is a UK-based property investment education and coaching company founded by Vanessa Zheng, who has been teaching property investing since 2014. The aim of the academy is to share our best practices, property investing skills, and knowledge through our very own experiences. We love educating both new or professional property investors, helping them grow their property business, increase their cash flow, and scale up their property portfolio. We deliver this through various platforms including multimedia, online coaching, and face-to-face events. We offer multiple support options through various channels for a great selection of property investing strategies. We welcome like-minded investors to join our community and to learn, share, achieve success, through consistency, learning, and taking action!

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We Are Smart!

We are evolving quicker than we ever have done as a business. We have created several new ways of learning, all from the comfort of your own home, so we can keep helping people make their dreams come true with smart learning.

We now offer online courses, web-coaching and host virtual events so that the learning and opportunities don’t stop!

Smart Property Investors Academy Limited was founded by Vanessa Zheng in August 2018. The aim of the academy is to share property investing skills and knowledge with other liked-minded property investors, helping them achieve financial freedom through property investing.

Executive Mastermind: Group Coaching

Are you looking to achieve a successful property business, with other like-minded property investors? Look no further! Our Executive Mastermind Programme is crafted to unleash your property potential. The power of our group Mastermind Programme gives you and your business unlimited potential. The beauty of this course is that it gives you the ability to learn and […]

Fast Track VIP Mentorship Programme

Join our Fast-Track VIP Mentorship Programme and take advantage of what’s on offer! This is a 12-month, all-inclusive package that’s guaranteed to enable you achieve your goals and transform your life! Once you join the programme, you will get access to a vast source of information, resources, and a connected network. Along with professional advice, […]

How to Buy 10 Houses in 10 Months Two Day Masterclass

It’s time to take your property game to the next level. This is a two-day intensive masterclass, packed with detailed and comprehensive information, all of which will be guided by your mentor during your training period.

How to Set Up a High Cashflow Property Business For Success Masterclass

Many property investors consider running a property business as an investment activity. This is only if they are buying properties and let other management company to run it for them. If you chose to run your own property business, then it will be completely different matter.  Its important for an investor to get the best […]

Inner Circle One2One Mentorship Programme

Our mentorship is tailored to individual business needs and bespoke to your chosen investment area, you will be working together with your mentor to help solve your challenges, address your knowledge gaps and assess the skills you need to achieve success in your property investing journey! You will have access to unlimited support options throughout your training.

One Day Course: How To Raise Finance

The ability to raise finance to scale up your property business is as important as blood to your body. Without the necessary cashflow, projects get terminated, deals can not move forward, but if you have money or equity sitting in a bank account then you are not using your money to its full potential.

One Day Course: Serviced Accommodation Business Success Beginners Course

If you are new to, or looking to get started in serviced accommodation then this programme is perfect for you! This is the most comprehensive one-day course on or offline regarding serviced accommodation. There’s a lot to learn in this business, but once you have the right knowledge and systems in place it can run like clock work taking up little of your own time.

Property Negotiation Masterclass

Effective negotiation capability can contribute significantly to business success. Excellent negotiation skills in the property business will enable you to build mutual relationships with landlords, estate agents and help you build and enhance customer satisfaction with potential tenants and customers. In order to enable you to exploit your negotiation skills in property investing to their […]

Rent to Serviced Accommodation Two Day Masterclass

Rent-to-SA is where you rent out a property from a landlord and rent out the property yourself, as a serviced accommodation unit. You will rarely live at the property, and will be free to sub-let the rooms through serviced accommodation. Within this course you’ll learn everything from how to source the right properties in your perfect area, marketing your specific clientele to finding clients to book directly in order to kick start your Rent to SA journey!

Serviced Accommodation Corporate Booking Strategy Two Day Masterclass

Join our Serviced Accommodation course and build a thriving Serviced Accommodation business. Study at home, in your own time and at your own pace with this two-day masterclass.

The Property Portfolio Tour

Seeing is believing! We are proud to announce the launch of our Serviced Accommodation Portfolio and Property Tour.  We will take you on a tour of different properties, all within various stages of development. From before any work has started, to the setting up stage, and units that have been established as a successfully Serviced […]

The Property Sourcing Masterclass

The property market is changing rapidly. It is becoming more difficult to find the right properties and combat the intense competition in your preferred area. This current challenge reinforces the requirement for you to have the focussed skills to be able to identify a good deal straight away and make an immediate decision when an […]

Upcoming Events

How to buy 10 Houses in 10 months!


In this 45-minute FREE online workshop, we will show you how to buy 10 houses in 10 months, using our simple and straight forward system that we have developed. This session consists of a 30-minute training session, followed by a 15-minute Q&A with Vanessa Zheng.

Serviced Accommodation: Corporate Booking Strategy


In this FREE 45-minute online strategy workshop, we will be sharing our unique 7 Step serviced accommodation Corporate Booking system with you. You will learn how to source the right properties, set them up correctly, price up, market your property, and scaling up your business. 

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