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Smart Property Investors Academy is a UK-based property investment education and coaching company founded by Vanessa Zheng, who has been teaching property investing in UK since 2014. The aim of the academy is to share our best practices, property investing skills, and knowledge through our very own experiences.

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We are evolving quicker than we ever have done as a business. We have created several new ways of learning, all from the comfort of your own home, so we can keep helping people make their dreams come true with smart learning.

We now offer online courses, web-coaching and host virtual events so that the learning and opportunities don’t stop!

Founded in 2018, Vanessa Zheng's vision of the academy is to share property investing skills and knowledge with other liked-minded property investors, helping them achieve financial freedom through property investing in UK and beyond.



Module 8:
Scaling Up with Team & Portfolio Building masterclass

"Scale for Success: Enrol in our Scaling Up with Team & Portfolio Building Masterclass to learn how to expand your real estate portfolio strategically with effective team management and growth strategies."


Module 2:

Property Sourcing Masterclass

"Find Your Path to Success: Enrol in our Property Sourcing Masterclass for expert insights on locating lucrative real estate opportunities and honing your property sourcing skills."

Live Events


Serviced Accommodation Corporate Booking:

The Direct Booking Model

Join our upcoming live learning events to explore the Direct
Booking Model. Discover strategies, insights, and tips to elevate your
corporate booking game.


Property Investing:

How to Buy 10 Houses in 10 Months online workshop

Join our online workshop to learn proven strategies for property investing success. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your real estate portfolio. Reserve your spot now!

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